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1 - Get Paid To Sites & Tips
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Get Paid To Sites & GPT Sites Are the Easiest Way to Make Money Online! Discover the Tip Top Best FREE to Join & Earn GPT Sites, Reviews, & Tips !
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2 OneStopGPT
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Daily Payments, $0.50 minimum cashout, International. Comments
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Easy to Earn with Auto Surf and Daily offers. Fast and Easy Pay No minimum Cashout to Paypal!
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4 Orebux
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OreBux is a GPT site with a unique developed scripts and has multiple reliable offerwalls, games and more cool ways to earn money. Try it out! Comments
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5 optimizingrevenueforyou
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Optimizing Revenue For You pays its members to sign up and participate in surveys. There are lots of offers available.International Members Welcome!Minimum payout is only $1 Payments are made monthly through Paypal. Get $0.25 Signup bonus when you join a
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10.00 0 0 is a free to join reward site and rewards members cash for:
1. Signup to free offers
2. Search
3. Read Emails
4. Shop online
5. Refer other members.
Get $0.25 when you join. Minimum payout is only $1 paid via Paypal.
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7 KissMyCash
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Daily Payments, $1 minimum cashout, International. What more could you ask for?
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8 Clovergpt
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Fastpay gpt site, paypal,serve,bluebird, instant gift card. Trusted Admin lots of good contests
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9 Quidscorner
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QuidsCorner is very popular cash back site for residents of International Members Welcome. Join for free and earn money for searching, sign up to free offers, take free trials, shop online and refer other members. Payments are made daily via Paypal. Minim Comments
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NR 0 0 is an International Get Paid to site and has been paying since 2009; Get paid to search, complete free offers, take surveys, offerwalls, refer other members and lots more!
Get $0.25 for joining. Low Minimum payout is $1 paid via Paypal V
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11 PrizeRebel
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In Business Since '07 Paid Out Over 6 Million Dollars With 5.5 Million Members. Offers, Surveys, Videos Pays Out Within The HOUR!!
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    I consider those other list sites to basically be another form of my own referral sites though giving site admins the ability to influence what's said and where they rank - which is completely fair if you consider that I'm providing all of the creativity to build and host those sites.  Anyways - Not here; and
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    I will delete any listed sites on which I can't locate the tracking code!  Zero Tolerance!  Also, your site will rank higher if you place the banner and code on a main highly trafficked page and position on your site (versus stuck away on a 'links' page.
  • The List Tracking Code Can ONLY APPEAR ON THE LISTED SITE itself!  Any discovery of any attempts to artificially inflate your ranking by sneaky means will result in your account and site being banned and deleted.
  • List Members May Have Multiple List Member Accounts (to Accommodate Multiple Web Properties They Wish to Promote / Represent); and
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    For Example, Choose a Free Web Site Provider Like or (etc. - Your Own Choice) and Make a Web Page (can be as basic or elaborate as choose) That Has At Minimum a Link (you're own GPT tracking link and Banner) to the GPT Site You wish to Promote - Don't Forget to Add Our List Tracking Code to That Page.  Now List Your Link to That (your) Page!  (genius huh?  Yes, You May Use the GPT's Own Banner Image for Your Listing Here!

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  • This List Site Uses a Gateway Page "The gateway is a security measure to prevent members of your list from cheating by loading your page in a console, or a zero sized frame, etc. When a visitor clicks your link, they are taken to your gateway page, and no vote is counted unless they click the "enter" link on that gateway page."


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